CCI 2021 Holiday Hours and Reduced Staffing

Outpatient Clinics (ACC/221, ROC-B/830B, CTC, CTH):

While we have reduced resources during this time, we are not closed. We will work with all investigators requesting CCI support and do our best to accommodate requests for outpatient resources.

  • Resources reduced at end of scheduled business day, Thursday, 12/23.
  • Standard resources available: Morning, Monday 1/3.

Please submit an overbook request at this link: 

Inpatient Clinics (9A, 9B):

9A: Open with standard scheduling

  • Inpatient nursing and rooms will continue standard operations.

9B: Closed, please request 9A resources via Overbook (if applicable).

  • Closed: 5:00pm, Thursday, 12/23.
  • Reopens: 7:00am Monday 1/3


  • Closed: 5:00pm, Thursday 12/23.
  • Reopens: Monday 1/3

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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