Process for streamlining communication for MRB overbook requests

Beginning Monday 5/13, the process for submitting overbook request for MRB processing will be changing, to better streamline our process. When CTC room is not available, a normal overbook request may be submitted. *Please be sure to provide alternate dates and time when submitting an overbook request.

When MRB lab tech is not available, please email Xiaofang directly; XLI73@BWH.HARVARD.EDU include the following information,

in lieu of submitting an overbook request:


Location: MRB only or CTC/MRB

Template Name:

Patient’s Name:

Patient MRN:

Appointment Date:

Appointment time (room time & processing time):

The type of processes ( serum, plasma, PBMC, etc.):

Subject ID and visit#

If Xiaofang cannot accommodate this request, she will email study teams directly to let them know.

If Xiaofang approves, she will forward message to CCI Scheduler inbox to indicate it is approved.


This change will assist with managing the influx in MRB overbook requests by streamlining communication. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this new process.

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