Nutrient Analysis

Our Nutrition and Metabolic Research Team can provide detailed analysis on nutrient/food intake using Food Records, Metabolic Meal Intake sheets, FFQ, or study-specific diaries.

Virtual Food Diaries

Through strategic partnerships with web-based platforms, we provide our investigators the option to utilize technology applications to collect meal intake data.

Food Diaries/Logs

We offer customized food diaries, intake logs, FFQs, etc., for investigators and participants who desire traditional paper food records.

Intake Reports

After completion of nutrient logs, our Nutrition and Metabolic Research Team provides investigators with detailed reports through use of the Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) nutrient databases on up to 33 different nutrients.

"Our research subjects are very happy to work with the CCI Nutrition Staff. The CCI Nutrition Staff works to personalize each research subjects’ needs. They provide a unique and valuable service to our research study.”

Suman Srinivasa, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Food Records

A Food Record, Food Diary, and Food Log are detailed listing of foods, beverages, vitamins/minerals, consumed in quantified amounts consumed on one or more days. These items are recorded by the participant's in real time. These records allow the collection of accurate and complete information regarding types of food/drinks, amounts, time of consumption, location of consumption, preparation or cooking methods, etc. We generally recommend a minimum of 3 days of records, including 1 weekend date to adequately determine usual dietary intake. 

Food Record
Virtual Food Records
Active protocols using Food Records

24-hour Diet Recall

The 24-hour diet recall is a quantitative assessment of foods, beverages, vitamins/minerals, etc., consumed in the past 24 hours. This recall is done by a trained Nutrition interviewer from the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Team. We are able to conduct 24-hour recalls in-person, on the phone, and virtually through a HIPAA-secured telehealth platform. An adequately performed 24-hour recall should provide similar information and detail to a food record/diary/log however, is only collected from midnight to midnight the previous day. Therefore, it provides only a snapshot of usual dietary intake estimates. A minimum of 15 minutes of Nutrition Services time will be billed for this service.

Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ)

A Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) is a pre-determined, often study-specific, categories of select foods and beverages, frequency/portion sizes, and specific period of consumption. The FFQ is less detailed than the food record/diaries. It does not take into account time of consumption or location. The purpose of a FFQ is to collect accurate and complete dietary consumption information over a long period of time. Generally, FFQ are done for the estimation of usual dietary intake in the past year or month

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