Nutrition Counseling and Education

Our Nutrition and Metabolic Research Team consists of 3 Registered Dietitians who are Licensed to work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all possess masters degree's in Nutrition, Nutrition Science, or Public Health. Our Registered Dietitians have experience in education and motivational interviewing techniques for a wide variety of disease states and protocols.

Additionally, we have 2 Diet Technicians who have extensive backgrounds in nutrition education and are in their dietetic internship program to become Registered Dietitians. They are well-versed in protocol counseling, handout creation, nutrition education, etc.

Left: Demsina Babazadeh, MPH, RD, LDN, CNSC (Director of Nutrition and Metabolic Research CCI), Kristina Secinario, MS, RD, LDN (Senior Research Dietitian), Karen Yee, MS, RD, LDN (Senior Research Dietitian), and Kelly Fallon, MS, RD, LDN (Research Dietitian).

Previous Counseling and Education Areas

Diabetes Management; Brain Health; Mediterranean Diet Compliance; Low Sodium brand names, High Potassium Foods List; Study Diet Adherence; Low Sulfur Diet; Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

Unsure what Nutrition Services you may need?

Contact us for a free consultation on your protocol, study design, or hypothesis brainstorming.

Protocol Specific Handout Creation

RD Education

Nutrition Education, Counseling, and Interviewing

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