Nutrient-Controlled Meals

Nutrient-Controlled Meals

Our Nutrition and Metabolic Research Team is at the heart of metabolism research with over 80 years of collective experience in personalized curated nutrient-controlled meals. We pride ourselves on creating individualized menus for each patient by paying attention not only the study-specific diet parameters but also the participant food preferences, when creating our diets to maximize participant adherence.

Nutrition Study Orders

Study teams provide us with specific parameters for their meals, including but not limited to: isocaloric requirements, macro/micro nutrient targets, restrictions, etc. 

Please use the following study templates for nutrient-controlled meals: Nutrition Study Orders Template_2019

For further questions and clarifications, please see study template instructions: Nutrition Study Orders Template_2019_instructions

Compliance Monitoring

For teams who require the utmost precision in meal intake information, we provide the ability to re-weigh inpatient meals after consumption of controlled meal and an export of meal intake data (CSV files). For outpatient studies or meals participants take home, we ask participants to record intakes of specific meals (paper or virtual logs) and provide the same export of dietary intake data to investigators.

Active protocols using Nutrient-Controlled meals
Average Nutrient-Controlled meals produced per month
Meals produced per work hour

Menu Preferences

Our Nutrition and Metabolic Team takes the time to obtain food preferences from all study participants before curating individualized menu cycles based on study-specific parameters. We take it one step further and send menus out to participants before admission, which allows participants to provide feedback on their menu selections, further promoting patient compliance. 

Adherence and patient satisfaction are at the forefront of what we do while staying within the parameters of the study design. 


What Investigators Have to Say

Regular Meals

We also provide regular, not weighed or controlled meals throughout study duration. Our staff provides 4 standard options to which participants can choose from.

Pack Out Meals

Many studies require participants to maintain a specific diet for a run-in period before admission. We offer pack out meals for participants who can pick up directly from our main campus.

Snack Bags

Some fasting studies requiring only a quick blood draw or infusion, like to offer their participants a snack after participation. We offer standard snack bags for investigators in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

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